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Wooden Surface

Company CEO Gregory de Mee

Unlocking the full capabilities of the audio path
that dictates the outcome of the recorded source
is what ZP Custom Microphones is all about.

During his 20-year Mic repair & upgrade service experience
Gregory collected over 50 years of microphone knowledge
and deep understanding of the so many factors.
that every part contains and how all the various parts
function together to generate the best representation
of your source.

Using rare limited (NOS) = new old stock /vintage 1960-1990/
and military grade capacitors and resistors that were used
also in the legendary high end microphones models
that are now so sought after for there Realistic 
full sound and representation of the source.
Combined  with ZP Custom Microphones Own unique capsule.

ZP Custom Microphones connects the old legendary classic
audio quality that we all got to love with the Present Future 
Ready for you to capture your source like never before.