Cyra Gwynth




Cyra Gwynth is a Belgian singer-songwriter and model with Dutch and Filipino roots. She launched her solo project in 2018 and over the course of 2 years released a series of singles and an EP independently. By the end of 2019 she had drawn the attention of a fast growing fanbase with her distinct moody R&B sound, classy visual universe and captivating live shows. In 2020 Cyra partnered with Classic Agency and Warner Music, and started preparing her first major releases. Shortly after the Corona lockdown she released 2 tracks high and not the one, which was followed up by the single No featuring K1D in October 2020. She is preparing an EP release for spring 2021 and just released her first 2021 single DGAF. Cyra Gwynth’s music is a mix of R&B and Pop music with influences from artists like Kehlani, Aaliyah and H.E.R.

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