The ZP800G is no physical clone of the well famous Sony C800G, only the name ZP800G is A reference to the pristine sound properties it inhibits.

Because the ZP microphone is build on A whole new approach Combining legendary schematic paths and component choices like rare NOS

(New old stock - 1960 -1990) Capacitors /resistors  that were also used in legendary famous vintage microphones and most desirable for their high audiophile sound nature.  Also parts like PIO (paper in oil) capacitors for their unique natural balanced quality.


The ZP8OOG requires no equalizer or extra processing applications to cut through a modern full loud mix and still remain A natural and smooth character with micro details all over the spectrum together with A full-body presence with air on top and focused deep lows. The ZP8OOG has a natural tugged together compressed forward sound in the mid-zone and present upper mid, the top is open and airy with a very smooth silk texture. The lows are articulate and have A spacious  3d dept to them like A good Telefunken Tube would create.

The ZP custom-made capsule has A unique frequency response behavior like A omni setting but operates in cardiode. In this way it helps preventing the proximity effect to overrule the lower frequencies causing muddiness, also keeping the unwanted room sound out of the recording .

Creating superb audio quality plus timbre and extreme focus and clarity that even goes beyond that of the legendary Sony c800G.



But still capturing  the same unique footprint and character you expect. Like the compressed upper-mids and forward natural sound with an extended focused low end and lots of mojo to give the recording A real realistic 3d feel  in A new modern way

The ZP800G IS A FET driven condenser Microphone that runs on any +48v phantom

with the advantages of having:  a lower noise floor, No tube maintenance costs, No mic warm up time needed,

No excessive cables and power supply to carry around.


Custom ZP Capsule

By ZP Microphones

For the ZP800G

34MM Cardiode Capsule

Build For perfection

Double chamber

K67/87 Drill Pattern

German quality standards




NOS = new old stock

PIO (Paper Oil)

Wima /Nichicon/ Elna

Audio grade

NOS military grade caps

and resistors

from Germany and Russia

high grade wiring

Top Notch quality Control


  • High sensitivity of -33dB/Pa

  • Large diaphragm capsule ZPK8A Cardiode

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 82 dB

  • Sensitivity Cardiod -33dBV/PA(22mV/Pa)

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-18,000 Hz

  • Dynamic range: 113 dB

  • Equivalent noise level: A-weighted 12 dB-a

  • Max SPL (dB SPL) 130 dB SPL

  • Matching connector — XLR 3 F

  • Power Requirements: 48v phantom


MIC A = ZP800G

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