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ZP microphones studio microphone line is carefully selected to provide for all studio needs, for all music genres and possible acoustic studio set-ups. Instead of having dozens of microphones why not have the best of the best that can do it all. The  ZP Microphones line provides 5 choices that each deliver A distinct character to suit your studio tracking needs.

Is the result of pushing the boundaries of possibilities in the history of microphone manufacturing and setting A new standard of what's is possible today, using the finest audiophile components and audio-path techniques to create A work of art.  The Luminus has this unique ability to adapt itself to the source and control the balance in a smooth natural way that makes it sound always perfect no-matter what you trow at it. Recording hard screaming rock voices from hell or soft female angel whispers the luminus never steps out of line capturing your source fully balanced and 3 dimensional without any clouds or loss of information keeping the extended lows and all the way up to the extended highs fully in control. Making the need of de-essing fully unnecessary.  The Luminous delivers worlds best next class vocal recording quality that is unmatched. The Luminus will convince you that you are listening to A already perfect processed recording done by one of the industry's top engineers. Making it A game changer plus let you record and mix your vocals literally in minutes.  

ZP APX 207
ZP APX 207 is A sound signature replica of the vintage Sony APX-207 M7 microphone. The Sony apx 207 is a predecessor / prototype of the Sony C800 and C800G microphones and is even more magical sounding than the C800/C800G models because of the M7 capsule and more sophisticated audio path. Back in 1992 it was unachievable for Sony to put the c800/c800G models in production with A M7 capsule due to patent rights and missing know how and craftsmanship that went into the M7 Capsule, so Sony went for a replica k67 capsule instead.

Has the Sony c800g signature sound and even takes it to a next level by removing the harshness in the top with A smoother top response while providing slight more clarity and presence, also not having to deal with warm up time or degrading tube parts is a big time and costs saver. the ZP800G especially fits pop and urban genres. With A very fast responding capsule delivering pristine clarity with creme smoothness. This microphone will reveal the upper mids in a controlled way and give dark sources presence clarity and cut trough in your mix. We often get the remark the raw example audio files might be switched but you can be 100% sure when you listen to our raw comparison the file with the most open and full sound is indeed the ZP800G.

ZP Corti Flagship
Is A great choice for modern warm vocals and instruments. Get the full richness and dept in A fully open 3d tube sound. Giving your recording's transformer weight and details. When you want to give your source more weight and warmth without getting muddy plus sit in the mix with presence / richness giving lots of mojo that is feels like a U47 and elam251 Mixed together in one. Zp Corti Flagship delivers A 100% tube mic sound. Stil the Corti flagship is A fett microphone with A full NOS PIO (paper in oil)  path delivering A quality that is even hard to match by the best tube microphones.  Making this the perfect studio companion that needs no tube service or hours of warm up time and therefor is always ready record so you wont miss out when inspiration strikes.

ZP Corti Master One

Is the ideal choice when you are looking for A good Fett sound. that has A calm warm round character. The ZP Corti M1 is great for voice over work and instruments delivering A warm tone with a creamy top end. The ZP corti m1 takes EQ very well and give you A great starting point to give shape to your production in any way you like. This Is A excellent choice for al round studio Microphone.  The ZP Corti M1 has A Cardiode pickup pattern. and utilizes A traditional fett path that creates A forward full sound signature and runs on any +48v phantom with the advantages of having: a lower noise floor, No tube maintenance costs, No tube warm up time needed, No excessive extra cables or big power supply.


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