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The ZP microphones studio  line is carefully selected to provide for all studio needs, for all music genres and possible acoustic studio set-ups. Instead of having dozens of microphones why not have the best of the best that can do it all. The  ZP Microphones line provides (3 choices)* that each deliver A distinct character to suit your studio tracking needs.
*available from this summer

Is the result of pushing the boundaries of possibilities in the history of microphone manufacturing and setting A new standard of what's is possible today, using the finest audiophile components and audio-path techniques to create A work of art.  The Luminus has this unique ability to adapt itself to the source and control the balance in a smooth natural way that makes it sound always perfect no-matter what you trow at it. Recording hard screaming rock voices from hell or soft female angel whispers the luminus never steps out of line capturing your source fully balanced and 3 dimensional without any clouds or loss of information keeping the extended lows and all the way up to the extended highs fully in control. Making the need of de-essing fully unnecessary.  The Luminous delivers worlds best next class vocal recording quality that is unmatched. The Luminus will convince you that you are listening to A already perfect processed recording done by one of the industry's top engineers. Making it A game changer plus let you record and mix your vocals literally in minutes.  


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