ZP800G Microphone

ZP800G Microphone

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The ZP800G is a handmade large-diaphragm condenser FET microphone designed for the ultimate modern vocal sound capture in a studio or post-production environment. ZP800G excels on pop, rock and hip-hop vocals, and a go-to microphone for everything vocal related.


It requires no Equalizer or FX applications to cut through a modern full loud mix and still remain a natural and smooth character with micro details all over the spectrum and A full body presence with air on top and focused deep lows.


The ZP-800G has a natural tugged together compressed forward sound in the mid and upper mid, the top is open and airy with a smooth silk texture. The lows are articulate and also have a 3d dept to them.


The ZP800G is no physical clone of the well famous C-800G but its pure sonic footprint and audio quality plus timbre are identical.


    • High sensitivity of -33dB/Pa

    • Large diaphragm capsule ZPK8A Cardiode

    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 82 dB

    • High sensitivity of -33dB/Pa.

    • Frequency response: 20 Hz-18,000 Hz

    • Dynamic range: 113 dB

    • Equivalent noise level: A-weighted 12 dB-a

    • Max SPL (dB SPL) 130 dB SPL

    • Matching connector — XLR 3 F

    • Power Requirements: 48v phantom

    • Dimensions: 50 mm dia. x  192 mm high

    • Weight: 405 gram

    • Accessories:  transport hard case / stand mount / Metal  shock mount / USB 4GB info card .

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