ZP800G FET Cardiode Condensor Microphone


The ZP8OOG is a large-diaphragm condenser FET microphone designed for the ultimate modern vocal recording in a studio or post-production environment. The ZP8OOG excels on vocals

But has proven to be extremely useful

on instruments also.

The ZP8OOG requires no Equalizer or FX applications to cut through a modern full loud mix and still remain A natural and smooth character with micro details all over the spectrum together with A full-body presence with air on top and focused deep lows. The ZP8OOG has a natural tugged together compressed forward sound in the mid-zone and present upper mid, the top is open and airy with a very smooth silk texture. The lows are articulate and also have A 3d dept to them that you usually only expect from tubes microphones.


The ZP800G is for sure no physical clone of the well famous C-800G, But build on A whole new concept with NOS parts in the audio path like (PIO) paper & oil capacitors plus military and top notch grade parts together with the ZP custom made Capsule that response like A omni setting in cardiode preventing the proximity effect to overrule the recording plus keeping room sound out. Creating superb audio quality plus timbre and extreme focus that is identical to the Sony - c800G .

Not every vintage mic sounds alike when time breaks in,  the ZP8OOG is tuned to the new modern spirit with A extra clean an clear sound and slight rounder top frequency response that helps preventing the need of A de-esser to control SSS sounds + with less self-noise and lower maintenance cost since expensive tubes are left out.


ZP800G FET Cardiode Condensor Microphone

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