Ryan Prod is a Mixing/Mastering Engineer from Germany - near Cologne. He has been working on his sound in his Hip Hop-focussed studio for about 14 years now and had the following to say in regards of the ZP800G

I really had to beat my old habits first. I used to boost the highs while tracking always notched out frequencies which I didn’t like on my U87. No need to do that with the ZP! The sound is as good as ready from the get go. A bit of dynamic processing here, Only on cold voices a bit of warmth and the vocals are ready to go! Would have spent at least double the time with the Neumann when it comes to mixing vocals.

You would think that an open sounding mic like the ZP800G would not suit a song that needs warm thick vocals. But it’s the exact opposite! because the zp takes EQ extremely well and offers A beautifully warm

but still very open vocal sound.

Again I must say: This mic can make everything not only work, but perfect.

Contact for reservation mix or mastering :

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