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To get the perfect recording using the zp800G is of course A great starting point but also keep in mind that recording is a team effort and in this case your team is the chain (source - pop filter- microphone - XLR cable-  microphone preamp)

the source / artist -vocalist or instrumentalist also shares his output with the room / space , so A bad sounding room can turn down the quality of the outcome drastically. Ones you got A great sounding room and A good source behind the microphones the REC button can be pushed  or Not ? The pop filter is the next team player to pass the signal to the microphone. Making sure al pops and air blast are stopped but doing so without compromising the sound quality

or adding  resonating unwanted tones / filtering out frequencies.  

In our 22 year studio experience we came across every pop-filter in the market but only 1 stood out

and ticked all the boxes perfectly - therefor the ZP pop-filter tip is the Pauly-ton pop filter

paulyton logo.png

Now we have that out of the way the signal goes trough the microphone and will travel trough the next point trough A xlr cable. This can be A really undervalued point !!!  A good  cable and connector  will improve the sound quality and makes sure you wont have interference. Plus Remove unwanted higher noise floor then needed and  will stand the test of time in your studio.

we recommend the following brands - Mogami / Sommer / cordial cables - ALL with Neutric connectors , of course there are many other great brands out there ,  the tip is don't cut budget on cables , better buy once then replacing yearly and losing time finding were the weird noises comes from.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 21-12-15 Craft Great Tone With Cordial Cables.png

Now its Preamp time  raising the microphone signal up to line level and doing so keeping all the quality . we wont go in debate and discuss the plugin vs hardware topic , but we must say there is a big difference between them but in some cases we even prefer the software plugins preamps over the hardware. To be more precise... when we need a more focused precise sound with great dept imaging and more layers and busy mix Hardware is the first choice , but when we need a rounder softer sound to fit the track and the vibe and the extra detail is not so important plugins are perfect for the job .

So the ZP preamp tip for vocal use is the NEVE 1073

We use the NEVE 1073 clone Heritage elite series HA-73 from heritage audio 

Our software solution is the UAD system with plugins.

Keep in mind probably nobody can tell when listing to the mastered song

witch preamp was used exactly on it.


The Neve 1073  (plus clones)  added value is to add thickness and dept without getting muddy and when driving it adding harmonic distortion and overtones without getting harsh and staying musical and keeping all the quality perfect when adding gain. 

This suits vocals very well and its no wonder the 1073 is one of the most used preamps on vocals and since the zp800g has A bright sonic character this match complements each other very well.  


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