Sound Equipment


 simultaneously recording of the ZP800g and the Sony c800g
on A 1073 heritage into A Apollo X - using A Pauly ton pop filter.

Recording elements: - vocal male - Guitar - Triangle - wood sticks


In the frequency response from the ZP800G and Sony c800g. We can see A striking similarity especially the low and mid section are extreme identical. The highs are also striking similar. we can see they booth peak at minus +-6db but the ZP having A flatter but more fuller and smoother response in the top around 10 khz. and A more prominent response in the vocal definition area around 7500khz. this giving The ZP A more clear focused sound while remaining full and smooth. You can also see in the Graph the ZP800G 18khz top roll-of is more smooth. This translates in the more gradient open sound.

When recording and processing /Mixing sharp or sibilant voices the high frequencies of the Sony can become sharp and unpleasant quite quick . But because of the flatter but fuller top end of the ZP800G this is no issue when recording such sources because its already molded as if it was compressed and De-essed upfront. The ZP800G needs no additional EQ fixes or de-essers to control the highs and still providing the same solid lows and mids for your recording.

ZP VS SONY FILE FREQ paint_edited.png