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(Sony c800g) Signature Studio Microphone



The ZP800G is A new modern version of the well famous Vintage Sony APX that was the prototype for the sony c800G (read more)


The ZP8OOG requires no equalizer or extra processing applications to cut through a modern mix. Still remaining A very natural and smooth character. Adds A full-body presence with focused deep lows that makes every recording sit in the mix. The ZP8OOg shares the unique behavior with the Sony C800G of a compressed forward 3d  sound in the frequencies of the mid to upper mid zone.


The exceptional qualities of the ZP800g give mix engineers the advantage of rapidly getting great results when processing the audio. The top of the ZP800G is by intention slight more open and airy in A natural controlled smooth way. The lows of the ZP800g are articulate and have A spacious 3d dept to them. the ZP800G feels and reacts like a tube microphone tailored for today's modern production.

The ZP capsule for the ZP 800G has A unique frequency response behavior. Reacting very controlled to the proximity effect in cardioid. In this way preventing the proximity effect to overrule the lower frequencies that normally would cause muddiness. Creating A detailed sound with amazing clarity.

The ZP800g has A unique PIO path implemented that creates A tube sound signature while being A FET condenser Microphone that runs on any +48v phantom with the advantages of having: a lower noise floor, No tube maintenance costs, No tube warm up time needed, No excessive extra cables or big power supply.

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Sound on Sound
Magazine UK
oktober edition 2021

ZP800G delivers a very nice modern mix-ready sound  which has a slightly compressed mid range character

with plenty of energy that delivers a full-bodied quality. This is balanced against a distinct upper-mid presence

which has been shaped to give a nice clarity and clean diction without over-emphasizing  the sibilant region. Above that is an open and airy top end  that brings a silky smoothness to breaths, and the overall impression is of a larger-than life voice with a well-focused 3D quality.

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