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(Sony APX 207)  Master Level  Studio Microphone

MRSP 2849,- euro


The ZP 207 is A recreation of the Vintage Sony APX 207 that was the prototype for the Sony c800G that was made in 1992

The ZP APX 207 is A sound signature replica of the vintage Sony APX-207 M7 microphone. The Sony apx 207 is a predecessor / prototype of the Sony C800 and C800G microphones and is even more magical sounding than the C800/C800G models because of the M7 capsule and more sophisticated audio path.

Back in 1992 it was unachievable for Sony to put the c800/c800G models in production with A M7 capsule due to patent rights and missing know how and craftsmanship that went into the M7 Capsule, so Sony went for a replica k67 capsule instead.

The ZP 207 delivers A pristine mix ready sound signature with A smooth top and 3d dept all over the spectrum that lets your recording sit in the mix with presence.

 The ZP 207 shares the unique sound signature of the Sony APX 207 M7 with a smooth forward 3d sound and more velvet smooth clarity and focus than the sony c800g or Zp800G.

The ZP M7 capsule for the ZP APX 207 has A unique frequency response behavior. Reacting to the frequencies as an OMNI capsule but pick up like A Cardioid. In this way preventing the proximity effect to overrule the higher frequencies that normally would cause muddiness. Creating A detailed smooth sound with audiophile clarity.

The ZP APX 207 has a Audiophoile PIO path implemented that creates A tube sound signature while being A FET condenser Microphone that runs on any +48v phantom with the advantages of having: a lower noise floor, No tube maintenance costs, No tube warm up time needed, No excessive extra cables or big power supply.

These exceptional qualities give proffesional mix engineers the advantage of rapidly getting amazing results when mix and mastering the audio tracks. 


The super Rare Sony Apx 207 & 270 are the Sony c800 & C800G first prototype models and only build in small numbers, less than 10 pieces. They sell around 15,000 to 25,000 dollar and used the m7 or A perfect replica of the neumann k67 capsule. The Fin Cooling System was added to the model that is now so Famous. The ZP 207 goes back to where it all started and also uses the m7 Capsule recreating the best original Sound signature.

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 23-54-56 ZP Microphones (_zpmicrophones) • Instagram-foto's en -v
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