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Before Zp Microphones came to life Gregory repaired microphones and also provided  upgrades and modding for all brands from 2001 to 2019.  Specializing in microphone capsules repair and modding microphones for better recording results. To know what was really going on in the microphone capsules and capacitors, Gregory designed his own audio path sound tester where the source is able to present the true coloration and character of the capsules or capacitors placed in the audio path. Gregory started testing all legendary vintage & new produced capsules plus sourcing every rare nos and new high-end audio path components from all around the world.
With special attention for the best PIO (paper in oil) capacitors because of their impressive qualities proven in the best vintage microphones creating A impressive stock to work with. With this extreme collection of capsules and capacitors that was categorized to display the precise and unique behavior of every part. with this insight he was able to divide the sound spectrum in 7 zones: sub -  low end - low mid - mid - upper mid-highs - top end. And to shape every spectrum zone  in ways of openness, compression clarity, 3d properties, thickness, dynamics, saturation, Mojo, Equalization and coloration by choosing the appropriate components.

Together with custom capsule design Gregory was able to recreate the industry standard of the finest microphones in history and take them into a new era.

 In 2021 ZP Microphones was established and released its first product the ZP800G that gave recording engineers a chance to capture the source with unseen clarity and detail with a improved sound signature of the original Sony c800g studio microphone. 


Today ZP Microphones has its own full product line of 4 that is carefully tuned to provide for the whole studio recording spectrum as one complete mic locker.  using unique audio paths and components and capsules with special characteristics like for example the ZP Luminus that has A full Cardiode Capsule with omni response. This making it possible for engineers to record the source in a flat frequency response while only picking up the source without unwanted extra room ambiance or unwanted noises. 


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